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GIF ActiveVent – Modular Ventilated Ceiling

We believe that a kitchen is much more than just a place where food is prepared. GIF ActiveVent develop system solutions for extract air capture and fresh air supply for all areas of large-scale catering establishments – whether economical systems in kitchens, high-speed capture and design solutions in front cooking, noise abatement in sculleries, or low-priced solutions in food preparation.

Unique idea

Why choose GIF ActiveVent?

Since it was founded in 1976 our company has carried out many installations of GIF ventilated ceilings in the most varied catering establishments all over the world. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and with the successful introduction of the HACCP process in the production we are able to complete our Projects in accordance with all food law requirements. The patented area-active GIF ventilation system satisfies all current VDI‘ guidelines, DIN and EN norms.

As a result, GIF ActiveVent by means of the manufacturing facilities in our factory in Freiburg, Germany, in a position to offer our clients individually produced systems which have been developed according to top-quality standards. From Inflight Catering kitchens for as many as 120,000 meals a day, through community Catering up to highly individual star-rated kitchens, we are the reliable contacts and partners for technical planners, architects, Investors and users.



True genius is found in simplicity

The centrepiece of the modular system is the active cassette. The active cassettes serve as aerosol separators on the extract air side according to VDI 2052 and EN 16282 and form a largescale extract air area.

On the air supply side, the GIF Active Cassette Ceiling is applied for supplying low turbulence fresh air on a large scale according to the principle of laminar airflow.

The special design ensures an indirect fresh airflow, even with high air volumes and low inflow speeds, without induction impulse. Additionally to the active cassettes, further specific modules complete the GIF ventilated ceiling.


True genius is found in simplicity

Thanks to the modularity and the 100% active surface characteristic, the system works under the laminar airflow principle. The extreme low, barely sensible air speed both in extract and supply areas makes crucial advantages:

  • Best possible capture of waste steam and vapours

  • Pollution by harmful substances overall avoided

  • Best possible room climate and ergonomic comfort

  • No draughts

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