Since 1996

Peak Honour International Ltd was incorporated in Hong Kong in 1996 and professionally trained managers with an international outlook and substantial China experiences have been managing its business. Being a young company, Peak Honour is dynamic and innovative. However, at the same time, all the investments are subtly planned and implemented under its managers’ hard-earned experiences.

Unlike most Hong Kong trading companies in China, the Group prefers to incorporate companies formally in China and conducts its business strictly in accordance with the national and local regulations, customs and practices. It has his wholly owned company in Guangzhou, associated companies in Shanghai, Beijing, Shengzhen, Chengdu etc. The company is exploring and developing new opportunities from time to time.

About our history

Company established in Hong Kong

Peak Honour International Ltd. was established in Hong Kong in 1996 and has a branch in Guangzhou, mainly engaged in hotel equipment engineering, decoration and supply of high-end catering supplies, etc.

Set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in Guangzhou

Set up a branch in Guangzhou. There are joint venture companies in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu and other cities.

Obtained the Sole agent of European kitchen equipment brands

Like Germany “GIF Activvent” ventilated ceiling; Belgium “Diamond” Kitchen equipment; Netherland “Henkelman” Vacuum poacking Machine, Germany “Fusion Chef” Sous Vide Cooking machine; Germnay “Hammonia”Bread & Pastry equipment And other European and American famous brand agents like Germany “Heinzelmann” Multi-cooker, Canada “Crown” Cooking Kettle and Skillet ; Italy”Scotsman” Ice making machine; Germany”Meiko” dishwashing mcahine; “Precision”Refrigerator; Italy “Frigor-box” Coldroom and Covid-19 disinfection unit; Finland “KT” Meat processing equipment; Spain “Mainca” Food processing equipment France “Krampouz” Waffle and crepe machine.

The commercial kitchen design and consulting department was established

Established commercial kitchen design and consulting department Our chief designer has over 35years experiences in commercial kitchen design and consultation. We have the capabilities and knowledge to design efficient foodservice operations for large hotels catering facilities, health care, institutional operations, food factory, flight kitchen, cafeteria facilities and more, etc. Our experienced and talented design team has the industry expertise and the equipment knowledge to help you open on-time and stay on-budget.