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HENKELMAN is located in the Netherlands. And since the company's foundation in 1994, they specialize in vacuum packaging machines. The company has focused on development, manufacture, distribution, all over the world. Approximately 15.000 machines a year to a network of 450 distributors in more than 80 countries.

The "Henkelman" vacuum packaging machine originated in the Netherlands, with excellent design and exquisite technology, makes it easy to operate, long working life, easy to install and maintain, and provides users with the best packaging machine that meets hygienic requirements.

And it's the smart tool for every professional to save money by reducing costs, there's a vacuum packaging machine for every professional, every need, every market and every application, and here's how vacuum packaging machines get the job done.


fusionchef by Julabo

The fusionchef by JULABO brand belongs to JULABO GmbH, a medium-sized company with approx. 400 employees based in the Black Forest and founded in 1967. The developer and manufacturer of sophisticated temperature control technology follows their motto “Made in Germany” and produces exclusively at their German location in Seelbach. There are more than 600,000 JULABO devices used worldwide for science, research, and industry, including the automotive and aviation industry.

More than 50 years of experience in the area of temperature control technology make JULABO the worldwide leading company in the field of temperature control solutions. Know-how, the cooking industry can benefit from today in the form of the high-performance Sous Vide cookers with high-precision temperature control from the fusionchef by JULABO series.



Reveal the environment that stimulates the creativity of chefs!

Since 1985, Diamond has been contributing to the evolution of the professional kitchen and refrigeration equipment sector. Headquartered in Belgium. The brand's reputation and success, supported by a state-of-the-art organisation, places Diamond Europe in the TOP 5 of European distribution.

The superior industrial kitchen equipment from Diamond Europe has all kinds of pleasant features and smart functionality for your hotel or restaurant or for the smaller kitchen at home. Diamond Europe, based in Brussels, supplies its refrigerated display cases, electrical catering equipment and other products to a multitude of catering companies and hotels throughout Europe.


GIF ActiveVent

GIF ActiveVent by means of the manufacturing facilities in our factory in Freiburg, Germany, in a position to offer our clients individually produced systems which have been developed according to top-quality standards.

The company has carried out many installations of GIF ventilated ceilings in the most varied catering establishments all over the world.

GIF ActiveVent develop system solutions for extract air capture and fresh air supply for all areas of large-scale catering establishments – whether economical systems in kitchens, high-speed capture and design solutions in front cooking, noise abatement in sculleries, or low-priced solutions in food preparation.




NID Concepts Ltd, established in 2008, has grown into a developer and manufacturer of advanced Kitchen Appliances. They are focused on engineering and designing state of the art Kitchen appliances which incorporate German technology.

Heinzelmann is NID Concepts Ltd established Brand focusing on professional Kitchen Appliances for demanding Chefs and the entire gastronomic sector.We believe a human-centric design approach is universal. We use technology where it makes a difference and consult with experts to give our products an edge.

Their German design team of industrial, mechanical, electrical (and culinary) engineers shares a practical approach to manufacturing solutions for professional kitchen problems. By prioritizing reliability, functionality, and durability, they have put the Heinzelmann CHEF-X through its paces to ensure it delivers excellent results every time.



Since 1961, Robot-Coupe has been designing, developing, and manufacturing culinary equipment in France. Within a few decades, the brand has developed its expertise in kitchens around the world. Some models have become major best-sellers, making Robot-Coupe an undisputed leader. Such as food processors, cutter blenders, cutter and Vegetable slicer, automatic juicers make Robot-Coupe the undisputed leader.

Satisfying you is the Robot-Coupe's number one priority, build a lasting relationship of trust and allow you to express your full culinary creativity. They undertake constant research to design, improve and create new uses for all our products.


Mallard Ferrière

In 1957, Mr. Ferrière and Mr. Mallard jointly founded the Mallard Ferrière company. The company founded in Paris and its activity in the distribution of kitchen appliances begins. With 65 years of experience, Mallard Ferrière continues to grow. Its strengths: continuous innovation while focusing on product quality and service to customers. The international reach of Mallard Ferrière confirms its experience in the field.

The company created the Mallard Ferrière products and specializes in the manufacture of utensils and machines for pastry, bakery and chocolate professionals. Michel Ferrière was also in charge of the company, which started its international business.


T&S Brass and Bronze Works, Inc

T&S Brass and Bronze Works, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of faucets, fittings and specialty products and accessories for the foodservice, industrial, commercial plumbing and laboratory markets. Founded in 1947, the company introduced the industry's first pre-rinse unit, followed by key innovations like the foot pedal valve over the next decade.

T&S products are highly acclaimed throughout the industry for being well-built, long-lasting and reliable. Rigorous testing and a focus on interchangeability have helped set T&S apart from the competition for more than 70 years.

In the last two decades, T&S has significantly increased its overseas presence, with representatives now selling products in Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Canada, Japan, southeast Asia and South America.


Joanna Levin

The company Joanna Levin was established in 1990. Joanna Levin have become the specialist for manufacturing, exporting and supplying a comprehensive range of Bakery Equipment. Simply because Joanna Levin always remained faithful to our principles. Today, Joanna Levin supply companies in more than 40 countries all over the world with bakery equipment, develop solutions and support the implementation.

Joanna Levin cooperated among others with the supplieres of KFC (Malaysia) and Subway (Singapore). Furthermore we delivered custom made solutions for the hotel bakeries of the Kempinski Hotel in Jakarta, the Shangri-La in Jakarta (Indonesia) and the Hilton Double Tree in (Malaysia).


Sveba Dahlen

The foundation of Sveba Dahlen was laid as early as 1948 through two different family-owned companies: Borås Elmekano, founded by Johan Adolf Eliasson, and Elektro Dahlén, founded by Karl-Edvard Dahlen. Both companies were situated in Borås, Sweden, and both began to manufacture baking ovens under very humble circumstances.

The two competing companies both developed quality products which contributed to the development of commercial baking production processes in their own separate ways. The entrepreneurial spirit and level of development were high, and the technical solutions enhanced the positive development of the companies over ensuing decades. The companies were successful early on, especially on export markets.

In 1962, Borås Elmekano was converted into AB Svenska Bakugnsfabriken, SVEBA. In 1991, SVEBA acquires the company Elektro Dahlén, forming Sveba-Dahlen AB.

Sveba Dahlen is currently one of the most renowned, respected bakery equipment companies in the world. Buy rack ovens of highest quality for the bakery business. Sveba Dahlen manufacture rack ovens of all sizes for bakeries. Ovens for cafes, instore bakeries, bakeries and industrial bakeries. Wheater you bake on a tray or multiple tray racks, Sveba Dahlen have the baking oven for you!