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In 1944, the Salvajor Company introduced the first food waste scrapping system to the foodservice industry. The company is headquartered in Missouri, USA. It was quickly accepted and soon found its way into the nation’s leading restaurants and hotels; as well as hospitals, cafeterias, schools, factories, universities and correctional institutions.

Today, Salvajor manufactures dish scrapping solutions for any size business, including: disposers and disposer controls; disposer based scrapping systems; and food waste Collector systems. Salvajor products are specifically designed to save water/energy and to provide a low maintenance, sanitary alternative to other methods of food waste disposal.



Waring, universally known for introducing the first blender in America, is one of today's leading manufacturers of professional appliances for the foodservice and laboratory industries. Waring Commercial offers high-performance, large-volume food processors and blenders, heavy-duty heating appliances such as grills, griddles, toasters and deep fryers, and a variety of specialty products.

As a Solutions Specialist in the BLEND, PREP, COOK, and BREW categories, Waring strives to provide innovative, customized equipment to fulfill all of the industry’s unmet needs. With 80+ years of manufacturing expertise locally and globally, Waring is proud to offer continuously expanding collections of superior professional products.



Since 1950, Hatco has been a leader in creating innovative ideas for the foodservice industry: bold innovations in equipment that improves efficiency, reliability and profits. Hatco is dedicated to exceptional customer service and quality engineered equipment offering maximum performance.

Through the years, Hatco has introduced many “firsts.” The company began by recognizing the needs to sanitize dishware and responded by developing an Electric Booster Water Heater generating 180°F (82°C) sanitizing rinse water, that soon became the industry standard. In the 1960’s, Hatco added Third Compartment Sink Heaters to the water line and offered the industry the first conveyor toaster, Toast King®, to meet the needs of high-volume bread and bun toasting. Hatco also took food holding to another dimension with Glo-Ray® aluminum housings up to 144” (3568 mm) in length with special reflectors that direct heat to the outer edges of holding areas, extending food holding times.

Since 2000, Hatco has introduced Thermo-Finisher Food Finishers, Decorative Lamps, Heated Wells, Heated Stone Shelves, Pop-Up Toasters, Refrigerated Wells, Decorative Carving Stations and Frost Tops. Most recently, Hatco’s equipment line has extended with new and innovative solutions, including: Flav-R-Savor Energy Efficient Holding Cabinets; Drop-In Hot/Cold Wells; Heated Glass Shelf Modular; Intelligent Toast-Qwik Conveyor Toasters; Multi Contact Grills; Electric Salamander; Soup Stations; Hot/Cold Built-In Shelves; Rice Drawer Warmers; Mini Vertical Warmer; Chef LED Light Bulbs; and the Rapide Cuisine Induction Ranges.



Created in 1954, Santos is a French manufacturer of commercial electrical equipment dedicated to bars, restaurants, juice bars, coffee shops… and offers three different product lines : Fresh Drinks, Food Preparation and Coffee.

65 years after the launch of the first products, Santos manufactures innovative appliances with unique technologies worldwide. Offering high quality products 100% made in France has always been a priority for Santos and we focus more and more on developing eco-friendly products, integrating green technologies. Santos appliances are hand-made by operators that are responsible of the appliance from the beginning of the production to the final control.

Thanks to Santos’ savoir-faire and its dedication to invest in R&D department, the company develops new and innovative products, enlightening its continual growth over years. Sale in more than 130 countries; one of the reasons that explains Santos’ reputation is the robustness and reliability of its products. Santos main products: Citrus Juicers, Juice Extractors, Cold Press Juicer, Blenders, Ice Crushers, Coffee Grinders.


Roller Grill

Founded in 1947, ROLLER GRILL INTERNATIONAL is the European leader in the production of professional cooking and refrigeration equipment with the widest range of kitchen equipment: infrared toasters, multifunction ovens, deep fat fryers, bain-maries, heated display cases, refrigerated display cabinets, contact-grills, griddles or plancha grills, induction hobs, crepe makers, waffle irons, stoves, salamanders, smokers, gyros and kebab grills, rotisseries, chilled fountains, buffets etc. All Roller Grill products are made in FRANCE, innovative, with high quality level and the best value for money !

With a dynamic commercial policy and a constant spirit of innovation and a high level of quality, ROLLER GRILL INTERNATIONAL has become one of the world's leading manufacturers of equipment for bars, hotels, restaurants, service-stations and remains a reference for fast-food and sandwich chains thanks to increased collaboration on specific products.

The Roller Grill manufacturing is now fully automated allowing greater productivity, more flexibility and excellent production quality from design to product finishing. They have more than 70 years of experience with its two unique production units in FRANCE (28800 Bonneval - Eure-et-Loir).



Pujadas, a family owned company around since 1921, it was founded in Spain, near Barcelona, with a long tradition and wide prestige in this area, has always had as its top priority the full satisfaction of its customers, whose trust is also its greatest bond. Specialising in aluminium and stainless steel cookware such as frying pans, saucepans, stewpans, stockpots.

Pujadas is permanently driven by a policy of technical innovation and design allowing it to offer its customers a constant expansion of its range, together with improvements in the items already available. One of Pujadas top priorities is providing full service to its customers by complying with their requirements and needs in an efficient, fast and personalized manner.



Pietroberto is a global leader in the production of bread and confectionery machines with more than 100 years of experience and the widest range of products available on the market. The company has a well-working team composed of designers, technicians and collaborators of consolidated experience who work together to achieve the main object: The Customer’s Satisfaction.

They are the leading producers of machinery for bakeries and cake-makers, and their main strength lies in knowing how to defend and maintain throughtime the quality of their products, designed and thoroughly tested in the most demanding laboratories, both in Italy and worldwide.

Pietroberto has been selected by the best food companies because of the robustness and reliability of its product range together with the assistance given in the choice and use of the machinery that best meets the customers’ needs. Their machinery stands out from all because it’s built around the dough to be processed: it is not unusual to see how apparently similar machines have special work components that are necessary for shaping special dough and for maintaining the energy inside the dough itself.


Omega Juicers

Founded as Olympic Products by Robert Leo. Prior to Olympic, Mr. Leo spent over 20 years at the helm of another juicing company, Armed with a clear vision, he poured his passion and formed his own, innovative company called Olympic Products. In 1987, Olympic changes name to Omega.

Omega is a world-leading juicer brand with distribution in over 120 countries. Omega’s Division Headquarters is in Pennsylvania, USA and Global Headquarters is in Florida, USA. Omega develops all styles of juicers: Citrus, Centrifuge, Pulp Ejection and Masticating Low Speed. Innovation and quality backed by Industry Leading Warranties.

Omega parts are precisely engineered and manufactured with quality materials. Their engineers focus on every detail when it comes to their machines. They refer to this as Juice-ology and Blend-ology, the science of juicing and blending.


Wood Stone

Wood Stone Corporation, based in USA, Washington, has been manufacturing stone hearth and specialty commercial cooking equipment for the foodservice industry since 1990. They have more than 18,000 installations in over 80 countries worldwide.

Throughout the years the mission of Wood Stone has been steadfast. Committed to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction, they don't just sell wood burning & gas Stone Hearth Ovens, Rotisseries, Charbroilers and more, they care about their customers. They will be here for you for years to come.

Wood Stone built its reputation on their family of stone hearth ovens. Wood Stone technologically advanced ceramics and engineering expertise, coupled with their high quality construction techniques and attention to detail, are typical of all of their products and relied upon by their loyal customers. Wood Stone product offerings have grown since inception and Wood Stone now also designs, engineers and manufactures a line of specialty commercial cooking equipment in addition to their oven offerings.



After Jean-Marie expanded her home in France in 1945, she built a domestic gas portable stove to make crepes. After a few tweaks to achieve even heat distribution across the board, the project was a success!

Encouraged by the initial success, Jean-Marie began building a full prototype using the resources at hand. Driven by the potential of this new equipment, 1949 marked the entry of the first gas-fired crepe machines into the market, and after several years of refinement to obtain high-performance equipment, local professionals were introduced. In 1953, the company was named: Krampouz. The officially registered trade name was of course inspired by the young company's business, since Krampouz means "pancake" in Breton.

In 1971, Krampouz launched the first electric pancake maker, starting a small revolution. This new device will change the habit of local professionals who are only used to cooking with gas. In 1990, some 150 different appliances now bear the Krampouz name, including gas and electric crepe makers, as well as stainless steel hot plates.