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Henkelman Jumbo 42

The robust, stainless steel Jumbo 42 vacuum packaging machine is standard equipped with a Busch vacuum pump and Time control with a 1 program memory. This table-top model complies with CE standards.

Basic vacuum packaging machine equipped for professional usage, at the best available price. Perfect fit for first time packaging experiences.

  • Standard with 1 program memory
  • Standard Time control
  • Standard Double seal
  • Free options: Cut-off and Wide seal
  • Option: 2nd seal bar (J42, J42XL, J42XXL)

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Jumbo 42


腔室尺寸(長 x 寬 x 高):370 x 420 x 180 毫米
機器尺寸(長 x 寬 x 高):528 x 493 x 440 毫米
密封條 (L):420 毫米
泵容量:16 m³/h

Standard with 1 seal bar (front): 420 mm
Standard double seal (two wires). Optional without extra costs: Cut-off/Wide seal
Seal bars easily removable for cleaning and maintenance purposes
Pump capacity: 16 m3/h Busch vacuum pump
Pump maintenance and cleaning program
Machine cycle: 20-40 sec
Standard Time control with a 1 program memory
Deep drawn stainless steel vacuum chamber
Stainless steel exterior and transparent lid
Comes with insert plate for a faster cycle and product adjustment

2nd seal bar (front-back)
Sensor control

Inclined insert plate (for packing liquids)
Food container adaptor
Service kit for standard maintenance
Trolley with shelve



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